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          Deye listed!

          On April 20, 2021, Ningbo Deye Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Deye shares, stock code: 605117) was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. This time, Deye shares issued 42.667 million shares at a price of 32.74 yuan per share. The total amount of funds raised by new shares was 1.397 billion yuan. After the issuance, the total share capital was 170.667 million shares.

          Deye Co., Ltd. is a vertical layout production enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service, which is rapidly transforming to innovation driven. At present, the company has three core industrial chains: heat exchanger series, circuit control series and environmental electrical appliances series. It has established two core technology platforms: heat exchanger hardware technology and frequency conversion control software technology, and is equipped with 12 professional R & D laboratories.

          Among them, CNAs China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment accreditation laboratory, SGS General Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. accreditation laboratory, and t ü v South Germany group cooperation laboratory can provide the public with more authoritative and professional test data and certificate reports.

          In the three years of 2018, 2019 and 2020, Deye achieved operating income of RMB 1.506 billion, RMB 1.691 billion, RMB 3.024 billion, net profit of RMB 103 million, RMB 260 million and RMB 382 million respectively.

          Over the years, with deep cultivation and specialized research in related fields, Deye shares has been recognized by industry authorities. He has participated in the drafting of energy-saving standards for dehumidifier industry, Zhejiang manufacturing certification silent energy-saving household dehumidifier standards, etc. At the same time, the company has always been committed to product development and technological innovation, and now has 182 patents, including 17 invention patents, 132 utility model patents and 25 software copyrights.

          In the aspect of heat exchanger: the company has mastered the unique process and method for the production of heat exchanger series products to ensure the quality and production efficiency of related series products. At the same time, the company can grasp the product application and industry development trend, improve and upgrade according to customer demand, so it has been recognized by Midea, aux and other well-known customers.

          In terms of circuit control: the company has successfully developed "digital active 180 degree full DC frequency conversion air conditioning control system" completely relying on independent research and development, breaking the monopoly situation of domestic manufacturers in the field of core algorithm subject to foreign countries, reaching the advanced level of international similar products.

          In addition, with the breakthrough of three-level svpwn driving technology, single-phase three-phase phase locked loop technology and other independent research and development technologies, the utilization rate of solar energy and the power conversion rate of inverter are effectively improved, and the product stability is improved. Now, the related technology products have been put into the UK, the United States, Germany, India and other countries and regional markets, and have been highly praised by customers.

          In the aspect of environmental electrical appliances: the company makes cross application and technical extension of heat exchange hardware technology and frequency conversion control software technology, so as to improve the performance and technical content of environmental electrical appliances. Among them, "Deye Deye" brand dehumidifier of environmental electrical appliances won the 2017 China Design Red Star Award, the first prize of 2017-2019 annual wheat award quality award, Zhejiang famous brand product and ingenuity quality award and other honorary titles. In 2021, it also won the "Nanshan Award" and the eplanjin reputation award.

          It is also the continuous pursuit and improvement of product quality that makes the advantages of Deye in the field of environmental electrical appliances consolidated and developed: from 2016 to 2020, the transaction amount of Deye brand dehumidifiers in tmall and JD ranked first in the industry.

          In recent years, in order to further improve the company's service system and enhance the competitiveness of products, Deye plans to build a more secure and high-performance Deye Internet of things data cloud platform based on the bottom layer of Qingke commercial fogcloud, so as to realize the effective management of data from the device end and provide customers with products and services more in line with their personal needs. In the future, Deye will continue to improve its product R & D capability, continuously endow products with high added value, novel functions and innovative technology points, and launch new products that meet the market demand.

          Today, we are listed successfully. At the listing ceremony, Zhang Hejun, founder and chairman of the company, said:

          This time, Deye shares will be listed on the main board, which will inject strong capital strength into the future development of the company and open up a broader space for development. The company will take this opportunity, rely on China's huge market advantages and strong Internet technology resources, as well as the opportunities for the development of global carbon neutral industry under the Paris Agreement, to make Deye brand rooted in China and famous in the world, and become a famous enterprise in the air conditioning heat exchanger industry and a leading brand in the high-end environmental electrical industry, Become the innovator and leader of photovoltaic new energy storage inverter technology.

          After listing, the company will strictly abide by various laws and regulations, prudently use the raised funds, seize the development opportunities at home and abroad, consolidate the due value of listed enterprises with a new mental outlook, diligent working state and intelligent thinking ability, and repay the society, investors, customers and employees with better business performance!

          Leading by virtue, industry is more prosperous. The successful landing of Deye in Shanghai Stock Exchange reflects the deep recognition of national investors for Deye's strategic mode, growth potential, team management and product pipeline. However, compared with obtaining more resources, it is more important to stick to the original intention and forge ahead. Through continuous production technology innovation, adhering to the "customer-centered" marketing concept, to provide customers with higher quality products and create a more healthy and intelligent living environment.

          亚洲 欧美 国产 日韩 制服